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But before you take off, here are a few pointers about how to use this site.

First of all, there is a quick and efficient way to find specific information on the site. In the upper right hand section of the website corner you will find a search box.  Typing in any keywords or topics you are interested in will result on a search of our entire website for that particular topic. For example, typing in “St. Maarten” will search for all articles containing that keyword.

Second, there is a lot a excellent information here. Travel tips, resources, advice,  stories and news covering a large variety of travel and vacation topics.  The travel industry is dynamic and diverse, and so is our website. In order to stay informed with all we have to offer we recommend that you bookmark this site using our anonymous notification service mentioned below, or by adding us to your favorites in your browser.

Third, subscribe With RSS!

What is RSS? It’s a wonderful service that allows you to have immediate access to all our website updates within minutes of actually adding the update. No need to provide an email address. Forget about tampering with your email filters. You can remain anonymous and still enjoy the latest information…hot off the press!  Simply subscribe with RSS .

Fourthfollow the links in the sidebar!

Notice the list of categories on the right? Click on any of the links and you will discover a world of information to meet your specific needs, whether you travel with your kids or with your pets, whether you are a business traveler, a travel nurse, a student traveler, or a traveler with limited mobility. There is something here for everyone.  Explore the resources in the “Favorite Resources” box by simply clicking on the link that appeals to you.

Fifth, follow the links in the Navigation Bars!

Notice the horizontal gold ( or yellow) bars at the top and bottom of the page? These are the navigation bars. You can surf to any section of the site by clicking on the topic in the navigation bar that interests you.  For example, if you click on Honeymoon, you will be taken to the section of the website that discusses honeymoon vacations and honeymoon travel extensively. Other sections such as “Vacation” covers a whole variety of vacation themes, such as ski vacations, tropical vacations, Spa vacations, golf vacations, and much more!

Finding your way around the site is easy. You can use the use the navigation bar at the top or at the bottom of the page. Just click on any topic on the navigation bar that interests you.  You will then be taken to the home page of that topic.

Sixthshare this website with others! It’s easy.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice a row of icons displayed horizontally.  You will see these icons at the bottom of each page because the serve an important purpose!

The icons are actually  links. Clicking on any one of the icons will take you  to different free serviceswhere you can set up your own account. You can then use those accounts to  bookmark all the sites you. These sites will display on your own page.  This is a new and exciting way to surf the internet and share the great websites that you find with others. It is called “Social Bookmarking”.

If you have used the favorites feature in your web browser before, then you know that this is similar to that feature with one major difference. With Social Bookmarking  you can share the page you set up with whoever you want – your friends, colleagues or the world at large.

Social bookmarking is a great tool! You choose which sites you want to put on your page. You then tag each site with a keyword that you choose. For example, when you click on the icon below to add Everyone Loves to Travel to your page, you may choose any travel related keyword to tag the site, such as Caribbean travel, mexico vacation, ect.

Thousands of internet surfers who use these free bookmark services are also adding their  favorite sites to their page using specific keywords. When you use  a keyword to search the service you automatically get links to all the sites with that keyword that other people have placed on their pages – and therein lies to tremendous power of social bookmarking. You share and exchange great websites with other surfers by using highly targeted keywords.  Pretty cool!! A win-win scenario!

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