Flying With Your Pet to Hawaii?

Flying With Your Pet to HawaiiFirst of all, let me assure you that there are ways to fly with your pets cross country, and even out-of-country, without any damage. You can relax, well, at least a bit anyway.

From the research we have done about pet travel, and specifically about flying with pets, it seems that most pets are completely safe and unharmed while traveling by airplane. Still not convinced? Then you should take a look at two great pet air travel websites: Petflight and PetAir.

Pet Flight is a great site about pet-friendly flights and safe shipping of your pets. It was inspired by a special dog named Brent. Brent and his “pet Dad” discuss how they moved to Hawaii from the USA and they provide invaluable air travel and flight information for flying with pets. Be sure to read the  Pet Travel Reports . Petflight provides monthly reports on the loss, injury, and death of pets during air travel. In addition, you will find great pet travel tips and hard-to-find airline information. We highly recommend Brent’s website as a resource when planning to fly with your pets.

Pet Air is another great resource you could tap into. Pet Air has a 28 –year reputation for transporting animals safely. They deal with both wild as well as domesticated animals. We hope studying the information on these 2 websites and any others you may come across, will help to convince you that it should be perfectly safe to fly with pets if you arm yourself with all the relevant information and use the right channels.

And if you really don’t like the idea of the cargo hold for your “babies” then hiring a private jet might be the way to go! In any case, happy travels with your pets!

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